Silk Seconds

$50.00 CAD

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Due to the tricky nature of custom silk printing, occasionally printing mishaps occur. These scarves still feature Katie Fortier's hand-painted designs, however the printing is imperfect. To reflect these imperfections, they have been priced accordingly with reduced shipping. If you would like more photos, or to request a specific scarf, please reach out at :) 

Perfect ways to take advantage of these reduced scarves: 

-use them to dry your hair or wrap your hair up when you sleep

- simply tie in a way to hid the small imperfection! 


-upcycle into something beautifully unique :)

Current Seconds Avaliable:

2 Orange Large Square Silk Charmeuse Scarf 

-one scarf is *almost* perfect! It has a small ink spot in the corner

-the other has some small print roller lines 

2 Purple Silk Twill Wrap-Around Scarves

-the printer rollers have caused some slightly discoloured lines, these are most noticeable on the ends of the scarf

2 Aqua Large Square Silk Charmeuse Scarves

-both have water stains (no bigger then a loonie)

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