Spring/ Summer 2017

Spring/Summer 2017 is Katie's debut collection. This collection features 100% Canadian-made silk scarves avaliable in 3 different sizes. The scarves are limited edition, and now available as custom made to order pieces. You can also shop these signature designs for your walls, here.

The collection was inspired by, female abstract artists, the fluidity of artist Henry Matisse, and bold colours. Each pattern is hand-painted and designed to light-up the room! This collection features 5 key patterns: Marvellous Magenta, Aqua Aglow, Powerful Purple, Positively Pink, and Orange Oasis.


The Neckerchief: Features

Measures approximately 20" x 20" in size

100% Silk Twill

Made in Canada

Edges finished with a double rolled hem

Effortlessly add cool and chic style to any outfit

Can also be styled in hair as a dolly-bow/headband, double wrapped around wrist or ankle, tucked in blazer and collared shirt pocket, or added to your favourite handbag!


The Large Square: Features

Measures approximately 36" x 36" in size

100% Silk Charmeuse

Made in Canada

Edges finished with a double rolled hem

Easily add classic Parisian style to any outfit

With so many ways to tie this beauty, have fun with it! A silk scarf is always in style.

Try different folding techniques around you neck for this piece to become the focus of your outfit.

You can also tie around your hair for a vintage throw-back, pin around your shoulders for a luxurious shall, or frame for extra safe keeping!


The Wrap-Around: Features

Measures approximately 20" x 72" in size

100% Silk Twill

Edges finished with a double rolled hem

Made in Canada

This classic rectangle size is a staple

Another great size to play around with, the wrap-around rectangle is easy-breezy. Simply wrap around your neck once or twice! Play around with this one too, tying and interweaving the ends can create an interesting drape. You can also pin in place with your favourite brooch!

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